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Sandra Bergman

Teachers - Elementary - Kindergarten

403-881-2219 x.155
About Me

My name is Sandra Bergman and I teach Kindergarten at Nakoda Elementary School (NES).  I have worked in both Morley Community School and NES and have enjoyed my time here. I have a background in both education and social work and received my degree from the University of Calgary. Prior to coming to Morley, I taught Kindergarten for several years in Calgary. I specialized in science and social studies as well as minoring in music. Teaching is a profession I love and I have taught many grades, as well as special education for a number of years. It is a joy to now see former students graduating and more and more moving on to post- secondary education. I believe that education is the foundation to future success and it has always been my goal to instill this belief in my students.
I spent much of my early life travelling with my family as I grew up and actually spent the first 7 years of my life living in North Africa before moving back to Canada and settling in Alberta. I have been exposed to many cultures and appreciate the diversity of our world. My first language was French and I have vivid memories of coming back to Canada and trying to learn English as a child as well as trying to fit into a place that was so foreign to my experience; many of my early teachers were instrumental in helping me to overcome this obstacle and I soon learned to love school so much, I later became a teacher. I am a third generation teacher and so have been exposed to this career path my entire life. I live in Cochrane and enjoy reading, hiking and travelling. I have enjoyed my time here with the Stoney Education Authority and look forward to more years of learning and experience ahead.