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Tina Fox

Counsellors - Wellness Support/Attendance Support

(403)881-2219 Ext 173
About Me

Amba wathtech: My name is Valentina Fox aka "Tina". I am the Resident Elder/counsellor of Nakoda Elementary School. I was born and raised at Morley and attended Morley residential School for 10 years. In my youth, I graduated from the School of Nursing Aides in Calgary, Dec. 3/60 and worked as a CNA (Certified Nursing Aide) for about ten years. It was a rewarding but back breaking job and enjoyed it. In 1976, I broke cultural barriers and got elected as Morley's first female band councillor and served in that capacity off and on for 14 years. I retired in 2000 and went back to school. I graduated from Brandon University, Brandon, Manitoba in May of 2003 with a bachelor's degree in First Nations and Aboriginal counselling and got a job with SEA in the fall of 2003.I have really enjoyed working with our children and their families.
I am the proud mother of three surviving children: Terry who has a Masters Degree in Public Admin and presently working on her PhD in Public Administration, University of Victoria (BC), Neisha who has a BA in First Nations Studies (Vancouver Island University), and Trent who has his Masters in Education (Gonzaga University) and presently working towards his Doctorate in Education from University of Calgary. Sadly, I lost my first son, Moses, in 1986 (MVA). He was an accomplished bull rider. More recently, I lost my second daughter, Kimberly, in July/2014. She had her B.Ed from U of C, and her Masters in Education (Gonzaga University). She taught at MCS for 18 years.
I firmly believe that the best gift parents can give their children is the chance to get a good education so they can take care of themselves for the rest of their lives. This is what I stress to parents on my home visits.