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Baukje Groothof

Teachers - Elementary - Grade 4/5 split

About Me

About me:

Hi my name is Baukje ("Bowkya"). Thanks for reading about me. After growing up in Fryslan, The Netherlands I moved to Alberta, Canada in November 2010. I have a passion for education as well as wildlife, the outdoors and nature conservation.  In striving to align my career with what I love, I obtained a BSc in Wildlife Management from Van Hall Larenstein University and graduated from a 2 year Education Graduate Degree program from Ambrose University.

That name…  With my name being Dutch, it is quite unique in these parts.  Let me quickly teach you how to pronounce it.  Baukje: “BowKeu” “Bow” (to you) “Keu” (-rig coffee).  Or think of it as "Bowkya".

Who I am:

I am an outgoing and motivated professional aspiring to offer an engaging, safe and positive learning environment to students from all around the world.   This enables them to become independent, confident and excited life long learners. My most important goal is to engage students and enable them to grow in independence, communication skills, collaboration and problem solving skills.

My core values:

- To create a culture of wonder, excitement and respect for our world and its peoples.
- To focus on love and respect for ourselves and for others; we are all unique and we all belong.
- To constantly learn and steer our own learning by reflection and metacognition.
- To appreciate and get to know the unique individual and learner that you are.
​- To create an environment in my classroom where we can all feel safe and a sense of belonging.