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Debbie Crazyboy

Teachers - Elementary - Grade 1

About Me

My name is Deborah CrazyBoy, I am a graduate from Mount Royal University. I have a bachelors degree in (BA) Education with a minor in Indigenous Studies. I completed my degree spring 2019. I am a first year teacher, however I am a mother of three and have been for 18 years, living in Calgary. My passion is working with our youth, I want our younger generations to be proud of our Indigenous heritage and understand how important our culture is to us.

I've been working in Eden Valley for less than a year, but I love coming to work and the community is very welcoming! I started this year as your grade 3/4 teacher. I look forward to teaching your Children each and everyday. I treat each child like they were my own. Thank you for the warm welcome and I would like to continue my teaching career here with your Children at CJBS. I am very proud to work here.